Thursday, March 1, 2007

Adventures in Meat, Part 2

Ms. Kitty Lynn telephoned to say that she'd had a vision. A vision of meat. The problem was, she didn't have a grill to cook it on. So, we invited her over.

She'd dreamed of stuffing a pork tenderloin with goat cheese, green apples, jalapenos, rosemary, and thyme. We'd never heard of such a thing. She brought all the ingredients. Two pork tenderloins, actually, because they usually come in pairs.

The tenderloins were each butterflied and filled with the goat cheese mixture. Then they were put on top of each other like a goddamn sandwich!

Resisting the urge to eat this thing right then and there, we then tied it up with twine and threw it on the hot grill, covered, for about 20 minutes or so.

Also on the grill were sweet potatoes, yukon golds, and purple okinawan sweet potatoes.

Here's what it all looked right before we savaged it.

This was a very successful and well executed meat concept. Congrats to Lynn on the grand vision.