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We don't get many Dutch bands at Gonerfest- I had the pleasure of seeing Traumahelikopter on the last European trip I had over and they were good and wanted to come to Gonerfest. "Bring it!" I dared them. And they did! Good solid guitar rock from Groningen, the rock n roll capital of the garage rock scene in Europe. Long may they reign. 

What's going on in Groningen? Good bands?
 Some good Dutch bands at the moment are Charlie & the Lesbians, the Homesick, Bert Scholten, Steve French & Afterpartees! 

What are some of your favorite bands - any time, any place? 
All-time favorites would definitely include the Gun Glub, the Replacements, the Ramones, Jay Reatard, Teenage Fanclub, the Chills, Big Star, Guided By Voices, the Jesus & Mary Chain, just to name a few... We could go on for hours! 

Where's the best place to play?
 It's a bit of an obvious choice: Vera, our hometown venue. Probably the best club in Europe, so much history and so many great bands who played there.

What's the biggest difference between US and European audiences? 
A lot of music we like was made or originated in the USA. People seem to have more musical knowledge in general, but especially when it comes to punk and indie stuff. Lots of great labels, bands and scenes over there! At the same time there are always good things happening over here too. Would be a good thing if more European bands would be put out by US labels and get to tour there!

What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest? 
We're really stoked to come over and see Memphis for the very first time, we expect to meet like-minded people, see great bands, eat delicious food and have the best time ever.



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Gonerfest is full of bands you know but it's really made to show off bands you don't know, bands from every corner of the earth ready to break your brain with their music. Judy & The Jerks are from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and play a revved up punk rock that's potent and definitely not what I think about when I think about Mississippi music ...
Let's all learn a bit about these wild kids coming up from Hattiesburg!

What goes on in Hattiesburg? 
- Not at a lot? Old boring white people like to wave confederate flags in front of the college campus because they're idiots. We mostly just stick to doing punk things, throwing sick house shows, and telling frat boys to shove it.

What's a good place to eat in town?
- We are typical college town bozos so we eat Taco Bell often. Sometimes we go BIG and hit up the Cici's Pizza buffet. Sometime's we go small and just eat Puffcorn from gas stations. Variety, ya know.

How did Judy & The Jerks come together?
- Two of us have been playing together for awhile, met the other half over time at local shows. Friendships formed in the pit. Only logical next step was to start a band. Our first practice we sounded like some indie noise rock thing but we quick scrapped that and stuck to the real deal punk.
Are there places to play locally? 
- All of us help book and promote house shows around town. There's a good three or so consistent house show spots that are always down to host whatever wild band is coming through. There's a few bars that are cool with punk stuff but we try and keep it in the all ages house show style. Cram 40 kids into a living room and set it off.

Do you get out of Hattiesburg to play? 
- We try the best we can. Early September we did 4 days in the Southeast. Mid summer we did a whole midwest week. We've done some fest weekends in Oklahoma City, Birmingham, San Antonio. We've got big ideas of a west coast tour, east coast tour, how to get to Europe. We're down to rock wherever.

Name some bands you like, any place, any time... 
Here's one from each member. Hampton: Youth Of Today, I've been watching old and recent live footage of this band every morning for like 2 weeks straight now. Julie: Shannon and the clams cause I want to be Shannon and Ty Segall cause he never gets old I'm an LA garage rocker in my heart what can I say. Sarah: that one Kate Fagan song (I Don't Wanna Be To Cool) because I've been listening to it a lot lately. Austin : Floorpunch because I like to MOSH

What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest?- Just being in Memphis, none of us have spent a lot of time there. I remember the Peabody hotel from when I was like 7 but that's kinda all I know, that and the Paul Simon song Graceland. Seeing a bunch of bands I would normally probably never play with is sick, especially bands from other countries. 

Anything else you wanna say? 
- On tour we listened to a loop of the goose waddle song from Aristocrats while driving through Chicago being amazed at the BIG CITY. This went on for like 45 minutes. I think that really boils down the attitude we have in Judy And The Jerks.


ALL RIGHT! Let's come out Friday Afternoon Sept 29 at Memphis Made and make some new friends in the pit with JUDY & THE JERKS! Five Dollars people! Or included in your GOLDEN PASS!


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For the longest time Nashville hasn't had a log to stand on, much less legs. Caught up in the razzle and the dazzle, the kids growing up in the shadow of the Ryman or coming out of Vanderbilt had no clue as to good music, or if they did, no urge to make it. Which is kinda weird- there have been great record stores in Nashville for a long time. What gives? I don't know. To perhaps enlighten me, and maybe all of us, I put some questions to the volitile SPODEE BOY. His take on Nashville, Memphis, and Gonerfest follows. As you will read, he is correct about many things. Heed his words well. Don't miss SPODEE BOY Saturday at the Murphy's Day Show!

WHAT'S GOOD IN NASHVILLE NOW? Everything! Country music is killing it! Condos going up everywhere you look! Spodee B is touring with Taylor Swift next year and opening for Kesha at the Ryman, excited for that. We have a triple LP coming out on Third Man in fall of 2018 also. Pretty much the golden land over here in Nashville! WHAT'S NOT SO GOOD IN NASHVILLE NOW? MUSIC!! Spodee Boy is the only band left in Nashville!! All the bands here suck! The worst are Date Night, Teddys Rough Rides, Essential Tremers, Savy Hotel and The Donors. Date Night are a bunch of 14-15 year olds who wish they were the Reatards, Teddys Rough Rides is a rip off Margo Price psych country project, Essential Tremers is like the most boring Chrome song for 40mins, Savy Hotel is an endless guitar solo with a shitty old drum machine and The Donors are like if Spray Paint sucked more at their instruments. The only good band, besides Spodee of course, was this band Soft Option but their bassist quit to become a cop. I think they had a record deal with Big Machine. WHAT IS SPODEE BOY'S MISSION? To promote "Slack" and teach the world about "Bob". To become a spiritual advisor for all who like overpriced garage punk records. To play Coachella with Death Grips. Also to make enough money for me to quit my shitty sandwich job at Clem's and sit on my ass drinking long islands while smoking L's with shorty. You know. The simple things in life. That and a kilo of cocaĆ­na. WHAT ARE SOME GOOD BANDS (ANY TIME, ANY PLACE)? I like Devo and the Coneheads. Uranium Club. Omg Lumpy !! Anything that is hype right now that I can rip off and sell to people with worse packaging. Also Cuntz, Orion, Terry, Nun, Uv Race, Total Control, Low Life, Power, Spotting, Drug Sweat, Chook Race, Severed Heads, Coloured Balls, Miss Destiny, Oily Boys, Ausmutants, Tyrannamen and Rose Tattoo. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO AT GONERFEST? 2 good Unnatural Axe songs. Most of feedtime probably. That 1 Vanity song from the 1st LP. Foster Care if the bassist doesn't get too drunk. X_X's song about fighting. Or drinking. Coltrane Duckworths solo bullshit. Parquet Courts "secret" set. Ex-Cult. Goggs for sure. The Oblivians reunion. 2 songs by Sharp Balloons. Bake Sale. Bluff City V. Gimp Teeth reunion at the river show. City of Aviv unofficial, unrelated after party with Cobra Mayne before it gets too annoying. Hang with lot's of washed up old dudes drinking Memphis Made beer and of course ISIS!!!!! Who else is playing again? Aquarian Blood?


BLOODBAGS came over from Auckland last year and simply took the indoor stage at Murphy's during the Gonerfest 13 Saturday Day show and burned it to the ground. A huge, imposing sound that got everyone in the place out of their heads. Partying for 3 days was forgotten as the band blasted away. They had such a great time they asked if they could play this year's festival as well. We couldn't wait to see 'em again so... watch out, they're coming back! Thursday Night at the Hi Tone is the venue this time.

I sent some questions over to Andrew Tolley, who ran NZ's Perpetrator and label owner. For a longer interview don't miss BORED OUT's interview here!

 How is NZ this time of year?
So we gots the transition from Winter to Spring kicking in right now, so you gets that general mood lift, people get out more and all the crazee creative projects people been investing their time and resource in their caves and bunkers over winter see the light of day. Auckland doesn't really get harsh winter stuff, just chilly winds, colder rain and shorter days.

What records have you been playing lately? 
I think as I get older I find meself sticking more to a listening menu of older music, 50s/60s, but having said that I'm all over the place really, ancient and new, to rattle off a recent list, Tammy Wynette, feedtime, NZ 80s punks Flesh D-Vice, Hunches, Vince Taylor, Stackwaddy, King Snake Roost, NZ surf trash demons Tape Wolves, Ann Peebles, Benny Joy, Ike & Tina, Troggs.

What are some all-time favorite bands that might figure into the Bloodbags sound or approach?

The Crypt/In the Red Big three, Oblivians/GORIES/Cheater Slicks figure huge directly/indirectly...the pound, the scuzz, the swing always components I try to nail in most of the half assed riffs I come up with. Maybe more indirectly the early Flying Nun sound figures too like the Clean and the Stones, but definitely the heavier stuff too like the Gordons, and the 90s Nun stuff that gets mightily overlooked of SPUD/Solid Gold Hell and King Loser.

What's great about touring in the US?

So many great bands to see, places to visit, eat your way through and the awesome folk you meet. Seems US has an insanely awesome grassroots network of bands/venues/labels at the moment

What's not so great about touring in the US?
Getting into the US if yr not American is obviously getting a lot harder, and yr man at the controls, need I mention who, is digging up a whole mess of dysfunction, paranoia, fear and hate, not a great menu to dine out on.

Bloodbags played Gonerfest 13- that's a long ways to go two years in a row!
What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest 14?

All the bands, all the people, there'll definitely be a bunch more Kiwis there this time and we're all close mates, that'll be cool...particularly stoked to get to see Jack Oblivian, feedtime, Die Group, Heavy Lids, Sweet Knives and Thunderroads...Brainbagz at first night after party, but everyone will bring their A-game, so it will all rule, no doubt
Anything else we should know or that you want to add?
Just a huge shout out to all the folk we met last year, and the new folk who've been helping us out this year to sort a bunch of shows we got before/after GFest, all 15-16 shows we got are with some crazy great bands....we are quietly preparing to have our NewZild minds blown on multiple occasions! 

Bloodbags at GF13!


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Ten High a big, burly gnarly rock n roll band that seemingly dropped out of some Amphetamine Reptile sampler from the 90s rather than 2010s Arkansas. Despite their name they are definitely not a cowboy band, although at times you can tell they've heard a Gun Club album and they probably could kick your ass. It's a solid sound, a take-no-prisoners attack that I'm sure will open the eyes of folks who never thought of Arkansas music at all beyond maybe the great Bobby Lee Trammell. Find out some more about the great TEN HIGH! 

What goes on in Fayetteville? 
Fayetteville is basically a not-as-cool version of Oxford. A big college down full people wanting to party.

What's a good place to eat in town?

The best place to eat in town is where our bass player works, Hugos. its a 40's style basement with the best burgers on earth

How did Ten High come together?

Ten High started when Devan and Cat met working at a music store. she just moved to Fayetteville from Memphis and I just moved from Tulsa back to Fayetteville. Neither of us could get anyone to jam so we just started jamming and never stopped.

Are there places to play locally?
The best two spots to play in town are Smoke & Barrel and Backspace. Backspace is a DIY spot and theres always something cool going on. Smoke & Barrel is the sweetest bar in Town. Kind of our own DKDC

Name some bands you like, any place, any time...
Matts all about Sonic Youth, Cat swears J.C. Satan is the greatest band ever, Aaron is all over the place, but keeps it real psychy, and Devan just discovered Amyl and The Sniffers and is still freaking out.

What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest?

We're looking forward to partying with all our buds in Memphis. We have a couple shows with A Giant Dog leading up to Gonerfest so we're real excited to see them get down. And definitily Tyvek, they've been so great for so long. Just looking forward to days and days of great musicians and super party time

Anything else you wanna say?

We just want to say we can't wait to share festivities with some of our favorite bands and people on earth. Definitily ready to eat thousands of krystals and all the slaw we can find.