Monday, September 18, 2017


Gonerfest is full of bands you know but it's really made to show off bands you don't know, bands from every corner of the earth ready to break your brain with their music. Judy & The Jerks are from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and play a revved up punk rock that's potent and definitely not what I think about when I think about Mississippi music ...
Let's all learn a bit about these wild kids coming up from Hattiesburg!

What goes on in Hattiesburg? 
- Not at a lot? Old boring white people like to wave confederate flags in front of the college campus because they're idiots. We mostly just stick to doing punk things, throwing sick house shows, and telling frat boys to shove it.

What's a good place to eat in town?
- We are typical college town bozos so we eat Taco Bell often. Sometimes we go BIG and hit up the Cici's Pizza buffet. Sometime's we go small and just eat Puffcorn from gas stations. Variety, ya know.

How did Judy & The Jerks come together?
- Two of us have been playing together for awhile, met the other half over time at local shows. Friendships formed in the pit. Only logical next step was to start a band. Our first practice we sounded like some indie noise rock thing but we quick scrapped that and stuck to the real deal punk.
Are there places to play locally? 
- All of us help book and promote house shows around town. There's a good three or so consistent house show spots that are always down to host whatever wild band is coming through. There's a few bars that are cool with punk stuff but we try and keep it in the all ages house show style. Cram 40 kids into a living room and set it off.

Do you get out of Hattiesburg to play? 
- We try the best we can. Early September we did 4 days in the Southeast. Mid summer we did a whole midwest week. We've done some fest weekends in Oklahoma City, Birmingham, San Antonio. We've got big ideas of a west coast tour, east coast tour, how to get to Europe. We're down to rock wherever.

Name some bands you like, any place, any time... 
Here's one from each member. Hampton: Youth Of Today, I've been watching old and recent live footage of this band every morning for like 2 weeks straight now. Julie: Shannon and the clams cause I want to be Shannon and Ty Segall cause he never gets old I'm an LA garage rocker in my heart what can I say. Sarah: that one Kate Fagan song (I Don't Wanna Be To Cool) because I've been listening to it a lot lately. Austin : Floorpunch because I like to MOSH

What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest?- Just being in Memphis, none of us have spent a lot of time there. I remember the Peabody hotel from when I was like 7 but that's kinda all I know, that and the Paul Simon song Graceland. Seeing a bunch of bands I would normally probably never play with is sick, especially bands from other countries. 

Anything else you wanna say? 
- On tour we listened to a loop of the goose waddle song from Aristocrats while driving through Chicago being amazed at the BIG CITY. This went on for like 45 minutes. I think that really boils down the attitude we have in Judy And The Jerks.


ALL RIGHT! Let's come out Friday Afternoon Sept 29 at Memphis Made and make some new friends in the pit with JUDY & THE JERKS! Five Dollars people! Or included in your GOLDEN PASS!


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