Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May 30th

We were slow with no customers but had mail orders to crank out, then our Cheater Slicks, Revolver, and One-Stop orders showed up. The dude that put out those Bullet In The Head & Retainers 7"s came by and bought some stuff, and Alix scored Lotte Golden and Jet (70s glammers not the new rockers) and put her big bag of stuff on hold back behind the counter. We did play the Sparks bootleg. Amazing radio show... I don't know how they can sing like that for an entire set. Some rockabilly-looking dude with a woman with bright pink hair brought in a whole bunch of mediocre 90s grind, pop punk, and florida punk. The Crumbs 10" comes back! Yes, they played with Teengenerate in Birmingham. Then one of the Vile Nation guys brought some punkers over and they bought the LSD March record we got in before I could check it out. Damn. John played Blasting Concept 2 lp and we tried to identify the bands. I got Wurm, he got Overkill. I had guessed St Vitus. Stupid! I played Bo Diddley. Andy & Candace came by and bought a buncha Quintron, Terry Manning, and other great records including Blasting Concept I. I priced all those damn cds. They'll be on the cart tomorrow. Wreckless Eric Big Smash dbl cd at the right price. YEAH! A family from New Orleans on a family vacation hell came by to check out the coin-operated Elvis Impersonator shrine. They were surprised I didn't know some band in New Orleans who plays on Disney tour boats. They were off to look at the Crystal Grotto, Graceland, and the Statue of Liberty holding a cross at Winchester & Kirby Parkway, after reading about all this stuff on the Roadside America website. They were likably clueless. John left to go eat hot wings at the Buc. Some guy just came in after we closed and sold more electro/80s pop like Atlantic Starr that came from Jelly's store in Hawaii. Bizarre. I'm rocking the William Robertson (Cecil Barfield in disguise! Thanks Adam!) album. Mush city! One more beer, shut down the register, and I'm outta here.

Jeff & Ross at the Buc tonight!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


there are few among us as saintly as DUSTIN CROPS,
drummer for the mighty BLACK ROSE BAND and creator
of the godlike GONER NEON SIGN!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

McNichol Mania!

Two separate fan clubs to join.

Will it be Jimmy, or Kristy?

Or both?

Which poster is your favorite?

Random Image #42

John thinks this could be a Pavement-influenced cover art from the 90s.
1990s or 1918, It looks pretty good to me.