Tuesday, September 12, 2017


BLOODBAGS came over from Auckland last year and simply took the indoor stage at Murphy's during the Gonerfest 13 Saturday Day show and burned it to the ground. A huge, imposing sound that got everyone in the place out of their heads. Partying for 3 days was forgotten as the band blasted away. They had such a great time they asked if they could play this year's festival as well. We couldn't wait to see 'em again so... watch out, they're coming back! Thursday Night at the Hi Tone is the venue this time.

I sent some questions over to Andrew Tolley, who ran NZ's Perpetrator and label owner. For a longer interview don't miss BORED OUT's interview here!

 How is NZ this time of year?
So we gots the transition from Winter to Spring kicking in right now, so you gets that general mood lift, people get out more and all the crazee creative projects people been investing their time and resource in their caves and bunkers over winter see the light of day. Auckland doesn't really get harsh winter stuff, just chilly winds, colder rain and shorter days.

What records have you been playing lately? 
I think as I get older I find meself sticking more to a listening menu of older music, 50s/60s, but having said that I'm all over the place really, ancient and new, to rattle off a recent list, Tammy Wynette, feedtime, NZ 80s punks Flesh D-Vice, Hunches, Vince Taylor, Stackwaddy, King Snake Roost, NZ surf trash demons Tape Wolves, Ann Peebles, Benny Joy, Ike & Tina, Troggs.

What are some all-time favorite bands that might figure into the Bloodbags sound or approach?

The Crypt/In the Red Big three, Oblivians/GORIES/Cheater Slicks figure huge directly/indirectly...the pound, the scuzz, the swing always components I try to nail in most of the half assed riffs I come up with. Maybe more indirectly the early Flying Nun sound figures too like the Clean and the Stones, but definitely the heavier stuff too like the Gordons, and the 90s Nun stuff that gets mightily overlooked of SPUD/Solid Gold Hell and King Loser.

What's great about touring in the US?

So many great bands to see, places to visit, eat your way through and the awesome folk you meet. Seems US has an insanely awesome grassroots network of bands/venues/labels at the moment

What's not so great about touring in the US?
Getting into the US if yr not American is obviously getting a lot harder, and yr man at the controls, need I mention who, is digging up a whole mess of dysfunction, paranoia, fear and hate, not a great menu to dine out on.

Bloodbags played Gonerfest 13- that's a long ways to go two years in a row!
What are you looking forward to at Gonerfest 14?

All the bands, all the people, there'll definitely be a bunch more Kiwis there this time and we're all close mates, that'll be cool...particularly stoked to get to see Jack Oblivian, feedtime, Die Group, Heavy Lids, Sweet Knives and Thunderroads...Brainbagz at first night after party, but everyone will bring their A-game, so it will all rule, no doubt
Anything else we should know or that you want to add?
Just a huge shout out to all the folk we met last year, and the new folk who've been helping us out this year to sort a bunch of shows we got before/after GFest, all 15-16 shows we got are with some crazy great bands....we are quietly preparing to have our NewZild minds blown on multiple occasions! 

Bloodbags at GF13!


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