Friday, September 1, 2017


FOSTER CARE has been attacking audiences via their punk rock music for years now, with no signs of slowing down or lessening the brutality of their cruciality. Ask anyone. They'll tell ya. Don't let the sailor's hats fool ya.

We are tres excited to have 'em in the lineup for Gonerfest 14 - packed into the killer Friday Night at the Hi Tone with NOTS, feedtime, TYVEK, Peacers and Frantic Stuffs. We asked 'em a few questions to see what's been going on with these wildmen... 

What's Foster Care been up to lately? 
We are recording a new record w our new drummer. 

How do you describe your sound, to someone who has never heard you?
Four frothing rabid dogs chasing a car that crashes into a liquor store. 

Who are some good bands?
Honey, Conduit, Brandy, Urchin, Willful Boys, Mommy, Sediment Club, Ereptile Distruction. 

What's good in New York right now? 
Brooklyn is cradling a lot of creative energy right now. Snackys Kimchee Dog is good. 

Does all the dumbassery going on in the US get you fueled up or bummed out? Does either help the music?
YES. All of the above. 

What's good in Memphis? What are you looking forward to?
Hopefully the cocaine this time of year!

Um, don't hold your breath, nose, whatever. 
Anything else you wanna say? 
Yall got any Confederate monuments we can vandalize?!?!

Yes we do! 

Tickets for Gonerfest are here

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